Adventures of Chris Greenlit on Steam!

Well, I got an email I wasn't expecting yesterday - The Adventures of Chris was greenlit on Steam!  The reason I wasn't expecting it is because, according to my Steam-provided stats, I wasn't that close to 100% of the way to the "Top 100" in terms of yes votes.  I figured I had a long slog ahead of me.  Yesterday, however, the good folks at Valve decided to greenlight a whole bunch of games, including mine.  It doesn't feel like as much of an accomplishment as I'd hoped - better to reach the goal line than to have the goal line suddenly moved forward a whole lot.  However, for the record, not all games got greenlit, so I suppose it's something!  And hey, one way or another... THE ADVENTURES OF CHRIS WILL BE ON STEAM :D

I am, however, going to hold off on releasing The Adventures of Chris on Steam until the HD revamp is complete - I only get one launch, and I want it to be as awesome as possible!  I'm thinking it would be good to find a way to make the original AIR app available as a bonus download, for those who want to experience the original, shorter, retro-styled version, but I'm not sure yet what I want to do on that front.  Thoughts are welcome.