About Chris Guin

Chris is a software engineer from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  He spends a lot of free time on creative projects, some serious, some fun - including original musicals, video games, cartoons, and more.



Email Chris at imaginer01@gmail.com


  • Drawin' on the Walls - A boy lives in a magical world in his own mind - everything he draws comes to life. Produced in Boston in April 2013.
  • Tell Me a Beautiful Lie - A sweeping, romantic musical set during the Russian Civil War - deals with ideology, idealism, and descent into violence.


  • The Adventures of Chris - An SNES-style adventure platformer recreating the golden years of Mega Man X and Genesis Disney games.  OUYA/Fire TV.
  • Hippo Gram - A new type of word puzzle - unscramble words in a path on a grid.  Available as free Android app or in-browser Flash game.
  • Haunted Theme Park - A sardonic, humorous horror-themed text adventure. In-browser Flash game only.
  • Narf's Sheep Hunt - Homage to Duck Hunt starring hapless, death-prone Welsh dragon Narf. In-browser Flash game only.


  • The Drawing Board - My creative blog. Game design and appreciation, musical theater theory, project updates
  • The Fridge Door - Theological (mostly) cartoons, no longer updated.


  • Tobias Unhinged - A short story.  A boy lives in a house with no doors.
  • L'innocent - A short story.  An American philanthropist faces the Paris Commune.
  • C-File 97 - A humorous essay on relationships with God.

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