Tell Me a Beautiful Lie

Tell Me a Beautiful Lie is an original musical set in Sevastopol, a city in the Crimea, in 1920 - a few years after the Russian Revolution. It was given a staged reading in Cambridge in March, 2010.

Plot Summary

Katya is a young woman who finds herself lonely and oppressed by a city under martial law - the Crimea is now the last holdout of the White Guards against the Communist Red Army. Her lover, a student with revolutionary sympathies, left years ago to fight in the Russian Civil War and has not been heard from in years. She holds out hope for a better tomorrow and the return of her lover, as she is confronted by her surrogate parents to settle down and courted by a childhood friend who now, confusingly for Katya, has joined the White Guards.

Music Samples (2010 Reading)

Cast for 2010 Recording - Katya: Valerie Larsen, Roman: Dave Carney, Oleksander: John Manning