Haunted Theme Park Official Walkthrough

This walkthrough is provided if you get too frustrated with Haunted Theme Park - please don't refer to it unless you really need to! Otherwise, you'll spoil the secrets of the game! The walkthrough is organized by category and then by question - try to look for only the particular question you need answers to.

I. General Instructions

Haunted Theme Park is a text adventure - however, unlike a lot of the old text adventures, there is no text parser into which you type commands. Instead, everything is selected via a menu-driven interface. Every location presents you with a description (which might change as you interact with the environment) and a series of "hotspots," which can be interacted with in one of three ways: LOOK, TOUCH, and SPEAK. Use the L, T, or S key to switch modes, and then press the number of a hotspot to interact with it. You can also see your inventory by pushing I, or use an item on a hotspot, another item, or a party member by pushing U. A few important notes:

TOUCH is used for lots of different things - to travel to other locations, to pick up items, or to interact with hotspots (turn faucets, pull levers, etc).

Remember that you are a member of your own party - if you want to eat or wear an item, for example, USE the item on yourself ("Jacob"), available in the PARTY listing. TOUCH is used to fiddle with or directly manipulate inventory items.

If you find a bug, misspelling, or another issue, please shoot me an email at imaginer01@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do about fixing it.

II. General Hints

  • Some items and hotspots are red herrings. Not everything that can be interacted with needs to be interacted with.

  • There are sometimes multiple ways to accomplish the same goal.

  • Save frequently. Obviously.

  • Greg provides in-game hints if you USE a food item on him from time to time and then SPEAK with him. Ask him before consulting the walkthrough.

  • There are a number of optional quests. You get a better ending if you solve them all.

IIIa. Getting into the Park

1. How do I get off the ferryboat?

  • TOUCH the door to go out onto the deck of the boat, and then SPEAK to the blond girl.

  • She'll react differently depending on what you say to her, but it makes no difference to the final game.

  • After you talk to the blond girl, the boat will arrive at Discovery Point.

2. How do I get into the park?

  • USE tickets on the ticket-taker to hand them over.

  • TOUCH the turnstyle to enter the park.

IIIb. Exploring the Park

1. What should I do in this chapter of the game?

  • You don't actually have to do anything before visiting Mayan Mayhem.

  • This chapter exists to introduce you to the park and show you what it's like before the evil presence takes over.

  • Visit as many attractions as you like, talk to your party members, and explore.

  • You won't lose the game if you spend all your money, but it might be a little harder later.

  • It might also ease the game to feed Greg a chicken quesadilla as soon as you get into the park.

  • The following items are available before Mayan Mayhem:

    • PARK MAP




    • T-SHIRT



  • Getting the Energy Drink now will save a little trouble later. The t-shirt is a red herring item.

2. How is the park laid out?


3. Should I make fun of Greg when it gives me the option?

  • It won't necessarily hurt or help you, although it might make a difference to the story.

  • See section IIIh for more details.

IIIc. Getting Out of Mayan Mayhem

1. How do I undo the lap bar?

  • LOOK at the lap bar. This reveals a switch.

  • USE pen on the release switch.

  • (Don't touch the monkey carving - it will kill you)

2. How do I help the blond girl in the bathroom?

  • Go to the "COSTUMING" room.

  • TOUCH the costume rack to get an Explorer's Costume.

  • USE Explorer's Costume on JACOB to put it on.

  • Go to the "CONTROL" room.

  • TOUCH the first aid kit to take it off the wall.

  • Go to the bathroom.

  • USE first aid kit on the girl.

  • (You can also USE the t-shirt or the Explorer's Costume on the girl to attempt to staunch the bleeding, but it doesn't help)

3. How do I unlock the EXIT door?

  • Go to the "BREAKROOM."

  • TOUCH the soda machine to buy a Cola Bottle.

  • (If you need cash, TOUCH the lockers in the "COSTUMING" room to find $5).

  • USE cola bottle on the animatronic employee to gum him up.

  • TOUCH the animatronic employee to take his keycard.

  • USE keycard on the "EXIT" door to unlock it.

4. How do I get out of the maintenance shed?

  • Nicole needs to be in your party. (see IIIc.2)

  • SPEAK to Nicole - she'll hoist you up to be able to reach the release lever.

  • TOUCH garage door to open it.

  • (Don't touch the generator)

5. What difference does my conversation with Paco make?

  • If you give Nicole up, you get a fairly lengthy (but premature) ending sequence.

  • If you don't, the game continues.

  • Other than that, it makes no difference.

IIId. Helping Nicole

1. Where should I go to start?

  • Go to the Witch Doctor's hut

  • TOUCH the Magic Table

2. Can I/should I do other things first?

  • If you want to - the park is your oyster now.

  • However, note that you won't be able to completely solve most of the quests at this point in the game.

3. Help! I'm a mosquito! How do I change back to normal?

  • TOUCH the cashier to suck his zombie-virus-infested blood.

  • TOUCH the witch doctor to infect him.

  • Don't forget to TOUCH the witch doctor again after you've changed back to grab his Book of Potions.

4. How do I restore Nicole's memory?

  • LOOK at the Book of Potions and read about how to make the Memory Potion.

  • Go to Volcano Road in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

  • TOUCH the flowers to pick some Gotu Kola.

  • Go to the Witch Doctor's Hut.

  • USE Gotu Kola on the magic table to make the Memory Potion.

  • Go to the Mayan Mayhem queue.

  • USE Memory Potion on Nicole to restore her memory.

IIIe. Finding a Clue from Archibald West

1. How do I get past the jaguar on Jungle Road South?

  • Go to the Temple Plaza.

  • USE keycard on Hamburguesas Americanas to unlock it.

  • Go inside Hamburguesas Americanas.

  • TOUCH refrigerator and take some Raw Hamburger.

  • Go to the Mayan Mayhem Vehicle Loading room (through the queue).

  • TOUCH the operator's podium to get the beer bottle.

  • Go to the Witch Doctor's Hut.

  • TOUCH the window to take some spider web.

  • USE the spider web on the Magic Table.

  • USE the beer bottle on the Magic Table - you'll make a Draught of Drowsiness.

  • USE the Draught of Drowsiness on the raw hamburger.

  • Go to Jungle Road South.

  • USE the poisoned hamburger on the jaguar to put it to sleep.

2. How do I find a clue in Archibald West's office?

  • Make sure you've put Jerry Jaguar to sleep (see IIIe.1).

  • Go to One Man's Vision.

  • USE keycard on Employee's Only Door to unlock it.

  • Go into West's office.

  • USE desk key on West's desk.

  • TOUCH West's desk to open it.

  • TOUCH West's desk a second time to find the secret catch.

  • TOUCH the secret cabinet to find the Ouija Board and the Consecrated Candle.

3. How do I communicate with Archibald West?

  • Go to Explorer's Wharf - Central

  • USE ouija board on Archibald West's statue

4. What does 635 mean?

  • 635 is 6:35 - the time you need to adjust the clockface to in the Hydra Loading Station

  • Go to the Hydra Loading Station in Archaic Greece (through the Acropolis)

  • TOUCH the operator's podium and set the hour hand to 6 and the minute hand to 7 (35)

  • TOUCH the rusted door to open it

5. What do I do in West's secret chamber?

  • You'll need the Tiki Torch from the Beach in the Kingdom of Hawaii to get in.

  • Go to the lefthand door.

  • TOUCH the crates to get a painter's mask.

  • Go to the righthand door.

  • TOUCH the typewriter to get West's next clue.

IIIf. Defeating the Minotaur

1. What do I need to find in the labyrinth?

  • The only place of interest is the Minotaur's Lair, seen in the upper left corner of the map.

  • NOTE: Don't take Greg into the labyrinth before you've killed the minotaur, or he'll get killed.

2. What's the general strategy for getting the Minotaur's treasure?

  • The minotaur will chase you out of his lair - the basic idea is to double back to the treasure.

3. How do I get to the minotaur?

  • There are several pathways, but here's an easy one:

  • After entering the labyrinth...

    • TOUCH left.

    • TOUCH straight.

    • TOUCH straight.

    • TOUCH straight.

4. How can I double back on the minotaur?

  • Again, there are several pathways, but here's one way:

  • After fleeing the Minotaur's lair...

    • TOUCH straight.

    • TOUCH straight.

    • TOUCH straight.

    • TOUCH left.

    • TOUCH straight.

    • TOUCH left.

    • TOUCH right.

5. How do I defeat the minotaur once I've doubled back?

  • Lock yourself in the Minotaur's cage and use the Sword of Theseus to slay it.

  • TOUCH the gate.

  • TOUCH the treasure pile - take the Sword of Theseus.

  • USE the Sword of Theseus on the Minotaur.

6. How do I open the minotaur's chest?

  • There's no key - you'll have to burn your way in.

  • USE tiki torch on chest to receive the Winged Sandals.

IIIg. Destroying the Mask

Prerequisites: painter's mask (IIIe.), winged sandals (IIIf.), fishing rod (following)

1. How do I get the fishing rod?

  • Go to Tomb Treasures in Lower Egypt.

  • USE the keycard on the back door to unlock it.

  • Go out the door to the Nile River Adventure unloading docks.

  • TOUCH the pile of clothes to find the 721 Key.

  • Go back to the costuming room underneath Mayan Mayhem (through the maintenance shed in the temple plaza).

  • USE 721 Key on the lockers to find the fishing rod.

2. How do I retrieve the mask from the Caldera?

  • Go to the Caldera Loading Station.

  • USE the painter's mask on Jacob to put it on.

  • TOUCH the train tunnel to venture through the gases.

  • USE the winged sandals on Jacob to fly over the lava.

  • USE the fishing rod on the Mask of Ku to snag it.

  • USE the winged sandals again to retreat over the lava.

3. How do I destroy the mask?

  • Go to the Typewriter Room underneath the Acropolis in Archaic Greece.

  • USE the Mask of Ku on the wastebasket.

  • The door to the crypts beneath the Temple of Ba'Tikal are now open.

IIIh. Dealing with Greg (optional)

1. How do I keep Greg's blood sugar up?

  • Greg needs blood sugar to give hints and further details about locations.

  • Every hint depletes his blood sugar by a point.

  • USE different foods on Greg to get his blood sugar up.

  • The quesadilla gives him the most, followed by a hamburger patty, and then the cola bottle and the banana at the bottom.

2. How do I make a hamburger patty?

  • Go to Hamburguesas Americanas in the temple plaza (get more raw hamburger if you don't have any).

  • TOUCH the stove to turn it on.

  • USE the raw hamburger on the stove to fry up a patty.

3. How do I keep Greg alive?

  • The only way to keep Greg completely unharmed is to leave him in the Mayan Mayhem queue and use an Elixir of Protection and Consecration on him.

  • If you do decide to take Greg with you, he can be killed in the following ways:

    • By the minotaur in the Labyrinth

    • By the crocodiles if you ride the Nile River Adventure

    • By the giant spider in Explorer's Wharf

    • By Paco after you destroy the Mask of Ku

  • If you called Greg fat enough times, Paco will transform him into a walrus after you retrieve the Mask of Ku. You can visit him at the beach in the Kingdom of Hawaii. (Note that, it is possible to achieve the best ending even if Greg is turned into a walrus)

4. How do I protect Greg?

  • If Greg is not currently waiting in Mayan Mayhem, SPEAK to Greg and ask him to leave.

  • You need the Consecrated Candle (IIIe.2)

  • You also need the Energy Drink (LOOK at the Energy Drink and you'll notice it contains ginseng)

  • If you did not purchase Energy Drink from El Mercado de la Tierra in the first part of the game, you'll need to:

    • Go to the Grand Lanai in Kingdom of Hawaii.

    • USE the keycard on the beverage stand.

    • TOUCH the beverage stand and take a banana.

    • Go to El Mercado de la Tierra in Explorer's Wharf.

    • TOUCH the mini-fridge to take the Energy Drink.

    • USE the banana on the gorilla to placate it.

  • Go to the Witch Doctor's Hut in the Yucatan.

  • USE the Energy Drink on the Magic Table to create the potion.

  • Go to the Mayan Mayhem queue.

  • USE the Elixir of Protection and Consecration on Greg.

  • USE the Consecrated Candle on Greg.

  • Greg will no longer be willing to come with you, but he will survive now.

IIIi. Finding Kevin (optional)

1. How do I power up the Nile River Adventure?

  • You'll need an empty bottle. Any time you use a Cola Bottle or an Energy Drink, you'll receive one.

  • Go to the Mayan Mayhem Loading Docks (via the queue).

  • USE the keycard on the back door to unlock it.

  • Go to the Generator Room (through the door you just unlocked).

  • USE the empty bottle on the fuel tank to fill it with fuel.

  • Go to Tomb Treasures in Lower Egypt.

  • USE the keycard on the back door to unlock it.

  • Go through the door to the unloading docks.

  • TOUCH the emergency box to take the oar.

  • TOUCH the boats to row to the loading docks.

  • TOUCH the boats again to row to the Temple of Osiris.

  • USE the fuel bottle on the generator.

  • TOUCH the generator to start it.

  • TOUCH the boat to row back to the loading docks.

  • TOUCH the operator's podium to start the ride.

2. How do I get past the cobras in the pyramid?

  • USE the tiki torch on the "writhing mass" to throw it down and scatter the snakes.

  • TOUCH the scaffolding to climb down.

  • If you TOUCH the torch to pick it up, you will be forced to climb the scaffolding out of the pyramid.

3. How do I open the sarcophagus?

  • USE the emerald you found in the Minotaur's treasure (IIIf.5) on the Sacrophagus.

4. How do I get past the scarab beetles?

  • LOOK at the hieroglyphs in the south corridor of the pyramid for a clue.

  • Go to Tomb Treasures.

  • USE the crumpled paper from the trash can in Archibald West's secret chamber (IIIe.5).

  • TOUCH the goat poop to take it.

  • Go to the tomb in the Pyramid.

  • USE the poop on the beetles to distract them - they will feed on it.

5. How do I awaken the mummy?

  • You will need a Potion of Awakening.

  • You can find a cola bottle in the Mayan Mayhem breakroom (via the maintenance shed behind the Temple of Ba'Tikal), for $2.

  • Go to La Tacqueria del Oro in Explorer's Wharf.

  • TOUCH the cabinet to find garlic.

  • Go to the Witch Doctor's Hut in Yucatan.

  • USE the garlic on the Magic Table.

  • USE the cola bottle on the Magic Table to create the Potion of Awakening.

  • Go to the tomb in the Pyramid.

  • USE the Potion of Awakening on the mummy.

6. Does Kevin actually help me at all when I find him?

  • Not really.

  • If you have him in your party, you will not be killed by zombies underneath the Temple of Ba'Tikal.

  • Otherwise, he's pretty useless.

IIIj. Preparing to Escape the Island

1. What's the general strategy for getting off the island?

  • You can't, as long as the evil presence is active in the park.

  • You can, however, prepare an escape vehicle - something that could float, perhaps?

2. How do I assemble a makeshift blimp?

  • A very good question.

  • Go to Explorer's Wharf West.

  • USE the keycard on the gate to unlock it.

  • Go through the gate to find the Parade Staging Building.

  • TOUCH the crates and take the parade balloon and the balloon cables.

  • USE the balloon cables on the float.

  • USE the parade balloon on the float.

3. How do I fill the blimp?

  • You'll need a hose to connect the blimp to the helium tank.

  • There's a hose attached to the helium tank in Paco's Joke Shop.

  • Note: If you take the hose while Paco is still active, however, Paco will create a giant spider that will infest a random building in Explorer's Wharf. The building changes every time you leave the wharf. You can LOOK at a building before TOUCHing it to see if the spider is inside.

  • Once you have the hose, go to the Parade Staging Building.

  • USE the hose on the helium tank.

  • USE the hose on the float.

  • TOUCH the helium tank to turn on the valve - if you have patched the balloon, it will inflate.

4. How do I patch the hole in the parade balloon?

  • Go to the Mayan Mayhem Vehicle Loading room (via the queue).

  • If you have not already done so, USE the keycard on the back door to unlock it.

  • Enter the Generator Room through the door.

  • TOUCH the duct tape to pick it up.

  • Go to the Parade Staging Building.

  • USE the duct tape on the float to patch the hole.

5. What happens if I try to fly out of the park before I've vanquished the evil?

  • Try it and find out. (Save first.)

IIIk. Solving the Statues' Riddles (optional)

(Prerequisite: the Ouija Board (IIIe.2)

1. Where are the statues?

  • One is a statue in the Acropolis in Archaic Greece.

  • Another is the Sphinx in Lower Egypt.

  • The last is the non-animatronic statue in Pele's Polynesian Luau in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

  • All three statues can be communed with by USE of the Ouija Board.

2. How do I solve the Greek statue's riddle?

  • The goal is to place the events depicted on the frieze in chronological order.

  • There are relevant dates in the Mayan Mayhem Queue, the Caldera Queue, and One Man's Vision.

  • The correct order is:

    1. West conducts an orchestra (Broadway/vaudeville success)

    2. West buys the mask (Purchase of the Mask of Ku)

    3. West finds the idol (Finding Kisin's Idol in Ba'Tikal)

    4. West cuts the rope at the park (Opening of Discovery Point)

    5. Building of the roller coaster (A recent attraction)

  • Make sure to say "YES" when the statue asks you to be its friend.

3. How do I solve the Sphinx's riddle?

  • Each clue is an anagram for an inventory item.

  • They not necessarily represent the same number of words.

  • USE the item on the Sphinx to advance to the next riddle.

  • MAD LEER = Emerald (IIIf.5)

  • BIRDS WEEP = Spider Web (found in the window of the Witch Doctor's Hut)

  • ADEPT CUT = Duct Tape (IIIj.4)

  • A TRIBAL NYMPH = Labyrinth Map (found in the entrance to the Labyrinth)

  • Make sure to say "YES" when the statue asks you to be its friend.

4. How do I solve the tiki's riddle?

  • All five urns must be lit.

  • To light an unlit urn, USE the tiki torch on it.

  • Lit urns can not be unlit.

  • Every time you light an urn, the two urns connected via the lines of the pentagram toggle on or off.

  • The urns are numbered from 1-5 around the edge of the circle.

  • 1 is connected to 3 and 4.

  • 2 is connected to 4 and 5.

  • 3 is connected to 5 and 1.

  • 4 is connected to 1 and 2.

  • 5 is connected to 2 and 3.

  • There are many ways to solve this puzzle, but here is one way - starting with all five unlit:

  • Urn 1, Urn 2, Urn 4, Urn 1, Urn 3, Urn 1, Urn 5

  • Make sure to say "YES" when the statue asks you to be its friend.

IIIl. Getting Through the Final Temple

(Prerequisite: Destroying the Mask (IIIg.))

1. When does the door to the inner ride of Ba'Tikal open?

  • After you've destroyed the Mask of Ku in West's secret chamber.

  • NOTE: Once you've entered Ba'Tikal you will not be permitted to exit.

2. How do I get through the crypt maze?

  • If you have Kevin in your party, you will not be killed by the zombies in the corridors.

  • LOOK before you TOUCH a corridor to see if a zombie is waiting for you.

  • There are two areas of interest in the maze - the Face Room and the Altar Room.

  • The maze is a 3x3 grid in which four zombies lurk. If the intersections are numbered like a telephone keypad, the zombies are located:

    • Between 4 and 7

    • Between 5 and 8

    • Between 1 and 4

    • Between 3 and 6

  • The Altar Room is north of intersection 1.

  • The Face Room is east of intersection 3.

  • To get to the Altar Room from the entrance, go:

    • Right, straight, left, right, left, right

  • To get to the Face Room from the entrance go:

    • Right, straight, left, right, right, straight

  • To get to the Face Room from the Altar Room go:

    • left, straight, straight

  • To get to the Altar Room from the Face Room go:

    • straight, straight, right

3. Does it matter which room I go to first?

  • Not really. You will need to go to the Face Room before the Altar Room, but you get a different scene if you go to the Altar Room first.

4. How do I get past the dart trap?

  • USE the Winged Sandals on yourself.

5. How do I escape Paco/Isis?

  • Run straight to the Face Room (left, straight, straight).

  • Cross the dart trap.

  • TOUCH the lever to reactivate the trap.

6. Did I ever actually have a chance with Isis?

  • No.

7. What different endings are available?

  • There are essentially three possible endings (with slight variations depending on who you've saved)

  • Ending 1: Did not befriend all 3 statues - the evil presence takes over the world

  • Ending 2: Befriended all 3 statues, did not rescue all employees or did not rescue Kevin or Greg - the evil presence is defeated

  • Ending 3: Befriended all 3 statues, rescued Kevin, Greg, and all employees - happy ending + explanation of events

IIIm. Escaping the Island

1. How do I get off the island?

  • Go to the Parade Staging Building and TOUCH the blimp you constructed in (IIIj.) to escape. If you haven't built it yet, you still can.

2. How do I rescue Kevin?

  • You can find Kevin if you go into Mayam Mayhem via the Maintenance Shed and try to enter the show room. He will still be a mummy if you didn't befriend all 3 statues.

3. How do I rescue Greg?

  • If Greg is dead, you don't. If he was turned into a walrus and you didn't befriend all 3 statues, you can shoo him off into the lake to escape the volcano. If he was turned into a walrus and you DID befriend all 3 statues, you can find him back to normal on the beach in the Kingdom of Hawaii. If you protected him, he'll be waiting in the Mayan Mayhem queue. If you left him alone without protecting him, he's missing and can't be rescued.

4. How do I rescue all the employees?

  • If you failed to befriend all 3 statues, you can't rescue any of them. Otherwise, SPEAK or TOUCH each employee to herd them into the Parade Staging Building to escape with you.

  • The locations of the employees are as follows:

    • Lower Egypt Courtyard

    • Witch Doctor's Hut

    • Mayan Mayhem Breakroom

    • Mayan Mayhem Control Room

    • Archaic Greece Agora

    • Crossroads

    • Jungle Road South

    • La Tacqueria del Oro

    • El Mercado de la Tierra (x2)